Towards a Battle Ground

7 Feb

The Vice-chancellor of Leeds University, Michael Arthur, recently warned against the struggle against cuts at Leeds University becoming “a battleground for the future of higher education in the UK”. We welcome Michael Arthur’s comments; this is not a battleground over education but against an economic system that puts profit before people. The cuts we are facing at the university are only one manifestation of a system that exploits daily life in the name of ‘profit’ – our ideas are not valued on their merit but on their ability to generate profit, our work is valued not on what we create but on how much we can sell it for in the marketplace.

The same system that demands compulsory redundancies as a ‘very last resort’ is responsible for the climate crisis and the impoverishment of the global population. Only at its most superficial level is this struggle over education; those who have had their morning coffee understand this as a broader struggle for a better world.

The university is only the battle ground – the reorganisation of our daily lives is the target.

Strike, Occupy, Transform!


The Really Open University


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