Join us and “Reimagine the University”!

12 Nov

From the 24th – 26th November, the Really Open University is hosting a series of events aimed at the Reimagination of the University.

All the events have been organized autonomously by students and staff from across the higher education institutions of Leeds. They look to challenge the state of the universities, their role in society, and the capitalist crisis, whilst acting on their desire to create a different world.

Starting with the national walkout on the 24th, a series of workshops, lectures, events and ‘interventions’ are going to be happening across Leeds – at the Music and Art Colleges, the MET, and the University of Leeds.

The full schedule will be released next week – but until then, please distribute the poster below!

We don’t want to defend the university – we want to transform it!

Strike : Occupy : Transform


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