Video and statement on DEMOlition

13 Nov

The Really Open University wishes to state its support for the 50,000 people who demonstrated against the government’s anti-education proposals in London on Wednesday 11th November.

We would also like to condemn the divisive statements issued by the UCU and the NUS, which support the victimisation of those who participated in the occupation of the Conservative Party HQ.

The ROU believes that the Government’s extremist proposals to undermine the British higher education system through the implementation of massive cuts in funding, the introduction of exclusionary £9000 tuition fees and the privatisation of knowledge, demonstrate that the real threat is not posed by protestors on the streets but those allowing such devastating proposals to become reality.

Yesterday’s demonstrations revealed the refusal of staff and students to accept the Government’s attack on education. We look forward to further demonstrations against the commodification of knowledge.

Starting with the national walkout on the 24th November, a series of workshops, lectures, events and ‘interventions’ are going to be happening across Leeds. ‘Re-imagine the University’, is a three-day event dedicated to exploring and demonstrating an alternative educational system.

The Really Open University does not want to defend the university – we want to transform it!


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