A letter in the YEP – Malcolm Naylor

15 Nov

We thought we’d share this letter published in today’s Yorkshire Evening Post…. Thank you Malcolm Naylor for your wise words!

Are they really all on the left-wing?

Whenever the Establishment comes under attack as it did with the student protest in London, media propaganda condemns civil disorder emotively as the work of left wing anarchists.

If these students were killing, torturing and destroying in Afghanistan for what Western capitalists disingenuously call “democracy” they would be hailed as heroes. But when they fight a British fascist Establishment out of frustration for its lack of democracy they are called left wing anarchists.
Aided and abetted in this propaganda are some Establishment BBC embedded journalists; unwitting journalists and the Murdoch controlled media empire. 

The damage caused by students to Millbank House should be put in perspective and compared to what British Establishment fascists are doing in Iraq and Afghanistan. Students fighting for democracy here in our own country should be praised for their courage, not vilified.

Our system of voting is so loaded in favour of the Establishment that we are no more a democracy than China or Russia. This country is governed by the wealthy for the benefit of the wealthy no matter which party is in power.

The Lib. Dems were elected on the written promise to oppose increasing student fees. A promise they have now reneged on but continue to hold power. Is this not political anarchy? Is this political fraud? Is this democracy?

There is one word to describe this – hypocrisy.

Working people of this country have been betrayed by fragmented trade unions and a Labour party infiltrated and controlled by Tories. Only radical unified action of civil disobedience will defeat the Establishment.

Students have shown the way. Now workers and pensioners should join them in mass unified protests and civil disobedience.

Malcolm Naylor, Grange View Otley

Published Date: 15 November 2010


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