MET closes down website offering advice to students

16 Nov

The Metropolitan police have closed down a website offering advice to students after the national anti cuts demonstration last week (10/11/10). The website, FITwatch, has been suspended for 12 months because the police say it was being used to ‘undertake criminal activities’. These ‘criminal’ activities included offering advice to students who may be being harassed by the police since the witch hunt which has been underway since the demonstration took place.

See also the Guardian article here and Guardian the  blog post by Emily Apple

However, this action by the police has resulted in the information that was posted on the Fitwatch site going viral, being reposted across the internet, including here and here, as well as the whole archive of the Fitwatch site being posted here.

Since the demonstration last week the right wing press have been pursuing students and academics alike for their alleged role in, or support of the demonstrators. A Unity Statement with the Millbank protesters has been written which people are encouraged to sign. At the time of writing some 3000 people have signed the statement, including public figures such as Naomi Klein, Billy Bragg and Paul Gilroy. Also the BBC are reporting that a number of people in the UCU have signed a statement refusing to condemn the Millbank protesters, despite the UCU official spokesperson last week describing the actions of some protesters as “totally unacceptable”.

Since the national demonstration last week both Manchester and Sussex Universities have been occupied, as we are pleased to report that at time of writing the Sussex occupation is still going strong. On November the 24th there is  a national walkout planned, which the ROU supports and would encourage people to take part in.


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