Stop the country, take back the future!

27 Nov

It is not just here in England where the struggle against education cuts and austerity measures is kicking off. Below is an excerpt from a report in recent developments in Italy:

Italy – Senate, airport, train stations, cities: students have stopped the country fighting education reform and the cuts to education!

These are very intense days in Italy: final cuts to the university has created a huge mobilization all over the country.

Tens of universities, more than 200 schools and even more colleges are going to be occupied this night: if Parliament is going to approve the education Reform, students will go on occupying everything.

An entire generation is rebelling against the destruction of the university and the dismantling of research.

We reclaim for welfare and free research against debt and lobbies, we want funding for education and university to create our own future, we block university and city, we reclaim our future!

Continues here:


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