2nd National Day of Action Against Higher Fees and Education Cuts in Leeds Today

30 Nov

Below is today’s press relase from the Leeds Occupation

PRESS RELEASE for immediate use

The 2nd national day of action takes place today where school, college, and university students will stage further student walkouts. In Leeds, we will be walking out at 11am and mobilising at Parkinson Steps to march to the Town Hall for 12pm. We will then march back up to Parkinson Steps for 1pm, where we will be joined by school and college students to march on the banks.

Ian Pattison, Press Representative for the occupation, said “School and college students have followed before, but tomorrow they will be taking the lead. We’ve been offered 3 choices; cut funding per student, cut places, or increase tuition fees. We’ve put a 4th alternative on the table; that is no to sky high tuition fee rises, no to education cuts, for free education for all. But it shouldn’t be university management or the government that dictates the agenda to us. We’re offering them 2 options; reverse the cuts and tuition fee rises, or face mass protests on a scale never seen before.”

Seyamak Shaghouei, a school student at Allerton Grange High school said “We are again walking out of school to show the Con-Dem government clearly that we won’t stand for these cuts. This is the 2nd day of action of many, and quite frankly we can see the coalition government (including their Lib-Dem allies) trembling with fear, this is not the end.”

100 students are occupying the Michael Sadler building, Leeds University, in protest against crippling tuition fee rises, draconian education cuts, the scrapping of EMA, and the all out assault on the living standards of ordinary people and the welfare state. The building was occupied following a hugely successful day of action on Wednesday 24th November. 3,000 Leeds students participated in a series of student walkouts, protests, and marches, with many workers joining in solidarity. It is a democratic occupation where all decisions are made by working groups and mass meetings. We demand the Vice-Chancellor refuses to implement cuts or tuition fee rises. We also demand that there are no victimisations or repercussions for those involved in the occupation, protests and walkouts.

For more info contact please contact Ian Pattison (Press Representative for the occupation) 07766585543

Seyamak Shaghouei is also available for interviews on 07502284226


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