Solidarity from students in Brazil

5 Dec

On the occasion of the student struggles that are gaining strength at this time in Britain, the National Assembly of Students – Free (ANEL) sends, from Brazil, its unqualified support.

In the context of global economic crisis governments everywhere do not hesitate to penalize public education and our social rights in favor of the profits for banks and companies. In this sense, the arrival on the scene of the British student movement can encourage workers across Europe to go to the streets to defend their rights.

In Brazil, the ANEL hopes the example from our friends in Great Britain encourages our student movement for the next year. After the government of Lula da Silva’s election Dilma [the new president] has introduced the plan to remove pension rights and a wage squeeze. Along with CSP-CONLUTAS*, our organization is preparing a major effort for the unity of the movement to address this social scenario in 2011.

Count on our solidarity until the final victory.


ANEL (is affiliated to CSP-Conlutas)
From the first congress of ANEL

*CSP-Conlutas – National Coordination of Struggles – emerged as a National federation of unions, social, grassroots and student organisation in 2004.In July 2008 Conlutas held its First National Congress with around three thousand delegates. It is independent of government and state and autonomous from political parties. it says internationalism and Socialism is key to unity of workers throughout the world with the active solidarity among the working class of all countries.


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