Message of Solidarity from Camp for climate Action in London

6 Dec

Received via email:

Cuts and  climate open letter of support to the students fighting austerity

We applaud  your occupation at Leeds University, and all the protests and occupations of the past month in defense of public education. These events mark a turning for the resistance against austerity in this country. A growing movement against austerity is now developing, as millions of people now identify with the action taken by the students. By your actions, millions know there is an alternative to passively accepting these attack on the poor and the young.

The Browne Review, which led  to the   student protests,  is chaired by the former director of BP and made up of bankers and management consultants. The same people who are contributing to the climate crisis are also responsible for the financial crisis. The government’s austerity measures contribute nothing to solving  either the economic or the climate crisis. Far from us all being “in this together” our rulers are using the current financial crisis as an opportunity to push through measures which benefit a tiny minority at the expense of the vast majority of people and the planet.

We don’t believe, as some environmentalists do, that the climate crisis can be  separated from, and treated in isolation from, the other crises facing humanity. We believe that in resisting austerity it will be possible to build such a movement. The fight for climate justice is inseparable from the fight for social justice. We need to stand together in order to build a movement strong enough to win.


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