Students in Leeds resist eviction and prepare for two days of demos

8 Dec

PRESS RELEASE for immediate use

Students resist eviction and prepare for two days of demos

Yesterday occupiers received a letter form the University Secretary, Roger Gair, asking them to vacate the Michael Sadler building by 8am today.  Occupiers resisted and sent a delegation to meet with Mr Gair and discuss alternative plans.  It has been established that the occupation will not be an indefinite occupation, but the final dates have not yet been confirmed.

The occupiers are also preparing for a demonstration in Leeds today which will meet at Leeds Met students union at 12pm.  This is one of the final demos before the parliamentary vote about education cuts on Thursday.  On Thursday the occupiers have planned a coach to travel down to London for the march on parliament.

Student occupier Georgia Emblen stated “It is such an exciting time to be part of politics, I am so proud that protests and demos across the country are giving children too young to vote a voice in politics”.

100 students are occupying the Michael Sadler building, Leeds University, in protest against crippling tuition fee rises, draconian education cuts, the scrapping of EMA, and the all out assault on the living standards of ordinary people and the welfare state. The building was occupied following a hugely successful day of action on Wednesday 24th November. 3,000 Leeds students participated in a series of student walkouts, protests, and marches, with many workers joining in solidarity. Since then we have organised an Education Assembly of over 200, and another strong protest of 500 on Tuesday 30th November. It is a democratic occupation where all decisions are made by working groups and mass meetings. We demand the Vice-Chancellor refuses to implement cuts or tuition fee rises. We also demand that there are no victimisations or repercussions for those involved in the occupation, protests and walkouts.

For further information please contact the press rep: Georgia Emblen – 078214 53935


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