We are disgusted at the violent minority!

9 Dec

A vile group of miscreants and ne’er-do-wells calling themselves the “Metropolitan Police” have wrought havoc on the city of London today.

Equipped with shields and batons and mounted on horses, this group obsessed with violence have committed many crimes which have been captured on film.

Assault and kidnap (often referred to by the gang as “arrest”) just two of the tactics the “met” have been using.

Shall we stand by and allow this gang rule our streets? They should be disarmed and disbanded at every opportunity.

We have found that the “Police”  have groups and cells in almost every town in the country, the story of violence we have seen in london today has been repeated all over. We must act to resist these despicable individuals obsessed with violence and power wherever we can.

Bring down the “Police Federation”

Power to the detainees in London



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