Solidarity from Turkey

16 Dec

Received via email.

Hello from Turkey to the brave student activists in UK!.. We, the members of the public laborers in the universities, want to declare that we are in solidarity with your resistance in the name of emancipatory struggle on education rights. We are excitedly following the protests by students and teachers throughout Europe and most willingly supporting them. We believe that these protests could be resulted with a new epoch in overthrowing the capitalism. The capitalists create crisis and the solving the criris was expecting from the labour. This is basically unfair. We won’t pay the price of the crisis! Neoliberalism and its officers would not take over our universities. They would not be able to close down the university doors to the workers’ kids. We are watching over you and celebrate you in resisting to that capitalist monsters. Viva la revolucion!

Trade Union of Education, Science and Culture Laborers, Universities Section in Ankara 15 December 2010, Ankara / TURKEY


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