Really Open University Discussion: “Openness”

28 Feb

Really Open University will be holding meetings once a month, each dedicated to the discussion of particular issue or concept. Many of these will be ideas that are too often glossed over and deserve proper attention. Our aim is to provide a space for this to enhance our collective understanding of ideas and how to apply them, problems we may come up against whilst organizing politically, and furthering a critique of contemporary society generally and education in particular.

The first of these meetings will be around the extent to which and how an organization can facilitate an open process.

Most political organizations will claim to be open in some way but what do we actually mean by the term openness? Can openness actually exist and does it have any worth?

Whilst not essential for participation, we have recommended an article to read (see below) in preparation for the discussion that tackles openness in relation to political structures and organization. Questions to bear in mind for the discussion could include:

How do we overcome external influences that prevent openness?

Can hierarchical structures be open?

Does a static organizational model prevent openness?

Does “openness” mean the same as “structurelessness”?

Can we be open without compromising our own ideology; does openness prevent analysis and action?

Wednesday 2nd March, 6pm-8pm

Leeds Met.

Queens Square House

Room 208

Reading: Nothing Is What Democracy Looks Like


2 Responses to “Really Open University Discussion: “Openness””

  1. Terry February 25, 2011 at 2:24 pm #

    Will the meetings be ‘open’? Has the first one been scheduled yet? Cheers.

    • reallyopenuniversity February 25, 2011 at 6:00 pm #

      sorry about that, place and time now on the article. yes anyone is welcome to come along.

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