Mapping Ways From Desire to Practice

6 Mar

The group Leeds In Crisis are putting on a follow up to their previous discussion. All are welcome to join in!

As requested, this is a meeting that follows on and furthers some of the discussions we had around ‘What if there were a new movement and we weren’t invited’.

This time, both the subject and the format will be different: we want to look at what drives ‘us’ and how that can inform our practice?

we will focus on questions around organisation and around strategy, and again around how we can put these into practices that can go viral.

Some of us who have been thinking about this meeting beforehand have been considering what are specific forms of action that are inspiring us. We hope that in presenting some of our favourite ideas and strategies for struggle it will encourage other people to do the same. It’s useful if people can have some thoughts about this beforehand, although it is equally important that we don’t expect these to be fixed positions, or ‘complete’ ideas. we want this space to be an open one in that we hope there will be an openness for ideas to change and adapt.

look forward to seeing you there!

WHEN: Weds 9th March 2011 at 7.30pm.

WHERE: The Common Place, Leeds


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