Solidarity with London on March 26!: Communique from the KLF.

19 Mar

The crisis of the capitalist system affects all countries. Everywhere, government and employers take this pretext to further exploit workers / her. Yet it is they who are responsible for this situation is their political and economic system is at stake! In response, organized resistance. In many countries large mobilizations have taken place in recent months, their coordination at European level is indispensable. This is what the European Union signatories to this appeal implement. Here’s why:

We support the manifestation of the British trade unions and will be present in London Saturday, March 26

In Greece, 8 days of general strike took place last year. In Portugal, a strike

General History was made on November 24. In France, a movement has affected cross-country from May to November including a prolonged strike in October.

In Spain a general strike took place on September 29, other strikes took place in the Spanish State on January 27. In Italy, general strikes were organized in 2010 and others are preparing for March 11 and April 15, … In Germany Poland, Switzerland, Belgium, across Europe the local movements or sector is growing. Youth is no exception: in England Italy, France, she has demonstrated in its own slogans …

We do not want to pay for the crisis of a system that is not ours!

Given their coordinated attacks …

While the current situation is that the logical system they maintain, employers and government are trying to convince it takes extraordinary steps to a great time.

But in reality it is nothing exceptional: and they just want to continue to enrich themselves at the expense of those who live their work!

The attacks that we suffer from every European country have all the same characteristics: destruction of public services, increased insecurity and unemployment, questioning the right to retirement and health … It is applied the orders of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank, international organizations established to defend the strong-es.

… Let us organize ourselves together to win!

Faced with this situation, the solution will not come from negotiations unrelated forces . Make agreements, sign pacts in these circumstances is to accept the dictates is to turn back interests of workers / her. For us, trade unionism as role of defending the interests of workers / her and build a more just society: it involves a rejection of the “adoption of austerity,” not by their support.

A wave of strikes and demonstrations is necessary to scale European . For the labor movement, priority must be to build such a European mobilization and not engage in negotiations with management to accept agreements or pacts applying rigorous plans decided by the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. Build Together the trade union movement and this mobilization, without sectarianism! Our support for this event unions UK is one of the milestones in this direction.



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