Why should we support the UCU strike?

19 Mar


On March 22nd and 24th, members of the UCU (University and Colleges Union), will be on strike at Leeds University. This is in response to several issues- national attacks by university employers on pensions and wages, attempts by University of Leeds management to lay off over 1000 workers, and a failure both locally and nationally to provide job security.

There will be picket lines outside the major entrances of the University fr…om around 6am to 11am each day. Students are welcome to come and join the picket lines, to show support for those striking for their jobs and our education, and to persuade people not to attend scab lectures.

A strike can mean temporary disruption for students. However, if we allow the redundancies to happen, then we will have less staff doing more work for less money. This can only mean worse services for current and future students. Less contact time, longer turnaround periods for feedback, reduced module choice and larger class sizes are not in our interests.

By supporting the picket lines and refusing to attend lectures still happening on that day (which if the university threatens to mark you absent from, is effectively discriminating against you based on ideology) we can help strengthen this strike.

On the 24th there will be a demonstration starting at around 11:30 from the Parkinson steps. We encourage all students, lecturers, workers and activists to join us as we link up with groups from Leeds Met and the colleges and show the UCU that the students stand side by side with them.


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