Report from Saint-Petersburg: the beginning of the common and transnational days of action!

21 Mar

On the 20th of March in network of common days of action of the KLF [Knowledge Liberation Front] the meeting of the students and professors against austerity, commercialization of education and privatization of public sphere gathered more than 300 participants at Saint-Petersburg. Activists from the Committee for the Academic Solidarity spoke about problems of the higher education, where salaries of the stuff is decreasing, students’ scholarships still form only 30 euros a month and technical stuff is fired for their attempts to defend their labour rights. At the same time at the main Universities of the state such as Saint-Petersburg and Moscow Universities the form of management became more and more vertical, the academic senates are abolished for benefit of ‘administrational’ type of governing. The student union of Saint-Petersburg State University is rejected by the administration even though all the constituent assembly was held by all the rules. At the same time such centralized type of transaction leads to the unparalleled decrease of the quality of education and including different types of quasi-scientific disciplines such as ‘orthodox sociology’ in the syllabus. Students and precarious workers held and shouted such slogans as “Be the realists, demand the education – free and emancipatory”, “Education instead of training”, “One world – onе struggle / Free emancipatory education for all”, “All the power – to the student unions”, “University is not a market, knowledge is not a commodity” and others.

On 24th of March the meeting in support of Russian students and for the acceptance of the Student Union Of Saint-Petersburg University particularly will be held at Paris by our French comrades. This meeting as well as the described above will be part of European Week of Action “Spring of Resistance” and the common days of actions of the KLF.


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