Glasgow University protest continues with Senate building occupied following Free Hetherington eviction

22 Mar

A hundred students are currently occupying the senate rooms of Glasgow University in an ongoing protest against the cuts both at the university and nationally.

Earlier today the occupiers were, without warning, forcibly evicted from the Free Hetherington which had been held by students and staff since 1st February, making it the longest running anti cuts student occupation in the UK.   Approximately 80 police, canine units and a helicopter were involved in what has been described by witnesses as a heavy handed response to the occupation.
Immediately following the eviction from the building several hundred then marched from the Hetherington to the main Glasgow University building and at 2:15pm entered the Senate building where they currently remain.
Liam, a first year Glasgow University student, says “I was dragged out of the Free Hetherington by three police officers.  It was completely disproportionate.  All we were doing was protesting against cuts at our university”
For more information please phone Jack on 07913 629769

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