Your money or your life: people before profit!

24 Mar

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Euphoria to the italian “Wall Street”, the so-called “Borsa” of Milan located in “Piazza Affari=business square” : Europe rises up,  particularly involving banks & financial centres. The italian “Borsa” reacts in order to stop an action of important cultural value, fearing an attack that can cause the instability of the markets, in particular a revolt of all debtors.

Oh yeah! because the neo-liberism thru monetarism and financial istitutions enslaves millions of people thru the debt that provide to the banks huge profits. This is the theme of the lecture setted up today at the “Borsa”of Milan by the “generation debt”. An action realized in order to inaugurate a 3 days of actions involving all Europe. From London to Milan, the “Knowledge Liberation Front” aims to point the finger against the global financial system banks and other financial istitutions who are the real owners of our governments as our life.
This system uses our money in oprder to enrich itself, and leave us the debts : this system produced the crisis and than used our money, the money of the citizens in order to save the banks, leaving us with more poverty, more debts, more public debt and none welfare, culture neither public education & forcing everyone to indebt himself in a continuous growing chain of loans, mortgages, interest rates, taxes, and fines.

However the big powers, the magicians of “Piazza Affari=business square” disliked the lesson (& the action) & promptly ordered a police operation. Police, quickly arrived in order to “protect” the core of the financial economy. First police removed the press, than obscured the cameras & the end badly operated against teachers and students. Meanwhile, the officials stated that the Stock Exchange is a private place. Too bad that all their huge profits are guaranteed by the sum of our meager savings and debts which we contract, and their wealth is produced by our intelligence, our work, our co-operation.

If youngs occupy the banks all over Europe is because we want to take back our money, and the wealth we produce. In Italy more than anywhere the economic power coincides with the political and the mafia. For this reason we invite all to take to the streets tomorrow, as every day, and to demand the exile of the rais and the confiscation of all his assets to return them to culture, welfare and public education.

One Response to “Your money or your life: people before profit!”

  1. nepo March 24, 2011 at 5:40 pm #

    thats a damn fine idea, we should do some actions like this too.

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