Social Centre Plus Gets Busy Before Eviction

5 Apr


Local residents who occupied the old Job Centre on Deptford High Street with the aim of “converting it into an anti-cuts space for the community” have responded to legally binding eviction order by announcing a series of events and activities for the coming month. The collective – who go by the name of Social Centre Plus – plan to bring the local community together against the government’s budget cuts, with children’s days, theatre workshops, film showings and market day cafés accompanying more political meetings and events.

Members of the Social Centre Plus collective were in Woolwich Crown Court on Wednesday 30th March to hear the Judge accept the argument of Paul Jackson from Victory Land, the owners of the site on 122 Deptford High Street, and rubber-stamped an order that allows Jackson and bailiffs to forcefully evict the occupation. “We’ve been told to expect them in a month,” Nasser Khan said. “So we’ve got a raft of activities to keep us busy in the meantime, and we’re calling on the local community to come down and participate. It’s your space, so we want to hear your ideas!”

When asked what the SCP Collective had planned for after the eviction, Khan replied that they hadn’t discussed the issue. “What’s important now is that we all work together to use the space as an effective space to counter the brutal cuts being implemented both by the Tories and Lib Dems in Westminster, and the Labourites running Lewisham Council,” Khan continued.



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