Glossary of the Transformations and Struggles in the Global University

22 Apr
Call for participation

During struggles around the transformation of the university in the last decade, activists and researchers have elaborated on a new set of concepts, topics and terms. Terms such as “global university,” “postcolonial university,” “autonomous institutions,” and “student-worker” have gained wide currency in the project to articulate and theorize new forms of political struggle. This vocabulary is inherited from experiences and concepts forged in many local struggles and is drawn from several intellectual traditions, such as Italian postoperaismo. Though this terminology may be clear to the immediate participants of discussions and actions, we believe that it also needs to be translated and interpreted for wider transnational network in order to transmit critical knowledge and instigate new local conceptualizations and struggles. Rather than a codification and formalization of the living language of resistances around contemporary “factories of knowledge” into a new theoretical jargon, we conceive of a glossary of this language as a tool for navigating the terrain of emerging common politics. Each glossary entry would consist of approximately 1000-1500 words with further references and readings. All those who interested in writing and editing the glossary are welcome to contribute.

We suggest the following list of terms, although feel free to propose other words or concepts that you would like to contribute:

·      double crisis
·      global university
·      postcolonial university
·      cognitive labor and cognitive capitalism
·      lokavidya
·      living knowledge
·      debt system
·      autonomous institutions and education
·      nomadic university
·      the common
·      transnationalization of politics
·      translation
·      student-worker
·      problem of measuring and valuation of knowledge
·      university access and cuts
·      welfare
·      network
·      corporatization
·      Bologna process
·      history of student struggles
·      student-labor movement
·      critique of so called “meritocracy” and “excellence”
·      precariousness
·      critique of political economy of knowledge

Edu-Factory collective


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