Next ROU Concept Meeting: What Would It Mean to go ‘In, Against and Beyond’ the University?

17 Jun

Since its inception the Really Open University has expressed a desire to go beyond defending the University in its current elitist and exclusionary form. In our opposition to the neoliberalisation of the academy we have held no nostalgia to the public university that was. We understand the University exists as a border, filtering those it allows/rejects from its boundaries based on a range of oppressive criteria, including but not limited to racist and patriarchal ideologies and a fulfilment of its role to reproduce a ruling elite.

We have also, however, rejected a simple dialectic of defend/destroy, opting instead for a politics of transformation. Many of us find ourselves ‘inside’ the existent university, whether that be as students or staff, undergraduates or postgraduates, but also as non students or those wondering whether to return to the university.

In many ways we have wished to develop a praxis of ‘in, against and beyond‘ the university, thus refusing to both reformism or a politics of purity. In this meeting we want to discuss in more detail what it might mean to be ‘in and against’ the university, and how this might affect our ability to ‘beyond’ its existing form.

Tuesday, June 21 · 6:00pm – 8:00pm
The Victoria Hotel
28 Gt George Street, LS1 3D

Facebook event:


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