J30: A strike for us all

25 Jun

On Thursday 30th June (J30) lecturers at Leeds Metropolitan University will go on strike to defend against attacks on their pensions. They will be joined by 750,000 other lecturers, teachers, school students and public sector workers across the country

Staff from the University of Leeds will not be striking as they are on a different pension scheme (USS) to pre-1992 universities. Although there is a ballot currently being undertaken on future of the USS scheme, with potential industrial action in the autumn.

Despite not officially being on strike, staff at the University are being asked to strike unofficially, to show solidarity with workers at Leeds Metropolitan University and to defend against attacks on our lives more generally.

“But it’s not our strike…”

1) It is colleagues in your/our union, the UCU, who are on strike at Leeds Met. Attacks on them are attacks on us all. Institutional boundaries should not be used to divide us.

2) Although the strike has been called officially over pensions, it should be taken up as a generalised fight-back against government cuts and the assault that is underway against social housing, healthcare, social care, childcare, museums, swimming pools, public toilets, rape crisis centres, domestic violence shelters and all areas of social life. The strike is just one part of resistance against the sustained degradation of collective life that we are seeing unfold.

For these reasons, you should join colleagues and other public sector workers on J30 on the pickets lines, for a rally in City Square and for afternoon actions in the town centre.

What you can do:

1) Don’t work: call in sick, take a day’s leave

2 ) E n c o u r a g e others not to work

3) Join colleagues on the picket line: 8am, Leslie Silver Building, Leeds Met

4) Join the rally: 12pm, City Square

5) Join afternoon actions in the town centre after the rally

For more information see: http://www.j30strike.org

Taken from the Sausage Factory #7


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