The Space Project

The Space Project is a radical education project in Leeds presented by Really Open University. Over the past two years we’ve held numerous events around Leeds discussing and putting into practice our educational aims. These have included discussions around particular political themes and ideas that have come up in the group and questions on what a new university could look like. These culminated in a week long series of events held mainly on Leeds University campus called Reimagine The University.

In all this time though we have constantly come up against the problem of physical space. We’ve always been against the idea of situating ourselves too firmly on campus, although many of us study or work there. But if we’re against the university, where else can we take learning? Sometimes this has proved too difficult and we find ourselves sneaking into spare rooms, using booking rights to hold meetings on campus. Even when we manage to find space outside of the university it has been far from ideal. We’ve been in back rooms of pubs, church halls, community and social centres and each other’s houses. What we’ve really wanted though is a space we can come back to, somewhere that’s ours, where we can invite people to take on learning and sharing knowledge themselves and know that there are others around them doing the same.

So now we’ve created the Space Project

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