Occupation Count!

24 Nov

As the national day of action unfolds, we will keep you up to date as universities across the country go into occupation.

(Well Done to the 40.91% of you that thought more than 13 universities were going to go into occupation today! We are now on 15 17 18…! so we’ve taken the poll down!)




Occupied Lecture theatre – demands issued.

Leeds Met

We hear they are planning to bed in for the night…

Leeds Uni

Michael Sadler building occupied – people on roof.


Students have issued a series of demands.


The ‘Radcliffe Camera’ has been occupied by more than 300 students.

And, taking heed from Emma Goldman, they organised themselves a dance workshop!

Sheffield Uni

Hicks Building occupied

Strathclyde University

Occupation with students from Glasgow Uni and Arts College joining them.

Dundee University

Occupation of the Tower Building.

Edinburgh University

Appletown Lecture theatre occupied. Website with demands now online

London South Bank University


Live video from inside their occupation: http://www.justin.tv/southbankuniversity#/w/583733328


Roof of Grove House occupied.


Classroom occupied!

University of Essex

Lecture theatre occupied!

Cardiff Uni

Lecture theatre occupied after attempted occupation on VC office foiled by locked door.
Lists of demands now issued, and occupiers vow to stay in occupation until met!

York University

Reports that York Uni have just gone into occupation. More to come.

Bristol University

Bristol University Student Union now in occupation – more than 200 people reported.


A series of demands issued on their website. Includes students, staff, and school-goers from numerous institutions.

Recent Occupations

We won’t include them in today’s occu-count – it would skew the odds! – but they are very much part of the struggle! Solidarity!



Manchester Metropolitan


University of West England


Royal Holloway


Plymouth University

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