30th June Strikes: Action In Leeds

19 Jun

On the 30th of June several unions, including teachers and lecturers unions (ATL, NUT, UCU), will be taking strike action. Whilst officially over public sector pensions the strikes, as well as any from other unions in the autumn, should be taken up as a generalised fight-back against government cuts and increased privatisation of public services which affect all of us, regardless of employment in the public or private sector.

In Leeds, as in many other cities across the country, public meetings have been held to organise supporting action on the 30th and to mobilise workers (whether in a striking union or not, unionised or non-unionised), school, college and university students, the unemployed and all communities to join the fight on the day.

On campus’, the UCU will be striking in post-1992 institutions whilst a recent congress abandoned striking in pre-1992 red-bricks. We urge all those in pre-1992 institutions to support their colleagues and fellow teachers in whatever unofficial way they can, particularly taking the day off as holiday or calling in sick.

A school walkout has been called for and information for students (especially those in school) can be found here, as well as a school-specific leaflet from NCAFAC: http://anticuts.com/2011/06/14/june-30-leaflet-for-use-in-schools-support-the-strikes/

On the day in Leeds, we will have a central gathering point from 7-11 outside the Leslie Silver building on the Met campus where people can gather and visit pickets as a group. Following that, members of the UCU will march into join, joined by other unionists en route, to a rally in the city square at 12. Feel free to download and distribute our leaflet.

A meeting will be held tomorrow to discuss actions and distribute leaflets. Join the Facebook group for details.

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